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Comment assurer les vacances de vos clients ?

ADAR Plus : l'assurance annulation vacances pour des locations saisonnières dans le monde entier

ADAR+ : Comprehensive insurance covering cancellation and other risks relating to rented accommodation.

Your clients have booked their holiday accommodation in advance but have to cancel at the last minute. The deposit or the full cost of the rented accommodation will not be reimbursed.

Other problems could arise, such as the accommodation not fitting the description in the contract, or being victim of a fraud.

Albinet Insurers proposes ADAR+ holiday insurance in partnership with Europ Assistance.

The Advantages

For you, the professional, organising the rental of holiday accommodation :

  • Providing a holiday without cares or worries, even if it has to be cancelled. Your clients will come back again next year. Let us look after the problems.
  • An insurance contract in 6 languages.

For holidaymakers renting accommodation :

  • Taking care of the problems of cancellation or cutting the holiday short, should something unexpected happen.
  • If the accommodation does not fit the description in the contract, or there has been fraud, our insurance contract guarantees the prompt reimbursement of any losses.

For property owners :

The property is protected. In most cases, payment of the full cost of the holiday rental is guaranteed. This can be difficult without insurance cover.

ADAR+, more than simple holiday cancellation insurance!

ADAR + worldwide cover against problems and their consequences, for holiday accommodation rentals up to 3 months:

  • Holiday cancellation or interruption
  • Holiday third party insurance cover
  • Assistance / repatriation
  • Non-conformity of rented accommodation
  • Financial loss due to dishonesty or fraud.


  • A comprehensive contract underwritten by major insurance companies.
  • Albinet Insurers has complete autonomy to market and sell the policy and manage and look after all claims
  • A personalised, reactive sales and administrative service, that no other insurance company can guarantee.

Information concerning ADAR+

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